– World Class Producer And Artist ‘ Ryan Lunn’ Is Absolutely Fabulous –

Singer, Songwriter,

Composer & Music Producer 

Alternative, Folk, Rock

Ryan is Co-owner and Operator of Ryan Lunn Music & Consulting, Photography and Valley Creek Craft & Consulting. He works exclusively with his wife and business partner, Jill Lunn.

Ryan & Jill Lunn Music Consulting RLMC are heavily involved in community events and service. RLMC provide 3-5 songwriters and variety shows a month, a weekly radio show on 4680q, and numerous solo shows and fundraising events. Their motivational and healing presentations are featured in art and music festivals, workshops and indigenous art series by kakekalaniks/Michelle Elise Burnett.

Ryan Lunn is also an accomplished motivational and public speaker; including MoMondays and the Indigenous Concert Series.  

Ryan’s first band was nominated for two NMA’s – best new group and best original group of the year in 2017.

In 2018 Ryan released “We Are Co-Pilots” is his debut album. Comprised exclusively of his original compositions, it is a 14-track concept album featuring many of Niagara’s talented musicians. Also in 2018, Ryan was nominated for six NMAs and won two: Producer of the Year and Folk Artist of the Year for the multi-award winning album.

Along with these current projects, he has been a part of various regional stage and screen productions, his most recent role being in a Horror Comedy short, 37% Pure Evil with local producers The Skeleton Crew Production. Ryan has been involved in thirty productions across the Niagara Region. 



Co- Pilots 2 (remastered) 

In 2019 Ryan was nominated for seven NMAs including the people’s choice award, thus receiving two awards for male vocalist of the year as well as song writer of the year.   For Recipient of Songwriter of the year, Ryan was awarded a roundtrip to Nashville TN, whereas collaborating exclusively with Thomas ‘’Tawgs’’ Salter (Salter’s music productions have been featured on TV shows, including Vampire Diaries, Greys Anatomy, American Idol and the Simpsons. ‘’Tawgs’’ also worked with Josh Groban, Chantal Kreviazuk, ‘’LIGHTS’’ and many others. 

Ryan Lunn has recently released his Rock EP with London Ontario’s 2019 Rock Band of the year ‘’Newport Electric’’, which he will be continuing to work with in future.

RYAN LUNN Music:   (2 EPs and one Full album) 


Playing Now is Ryan’s Originl Called “EMBERS” Released October 2020 

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