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Bert Fenber ́s  New Album ‘Sunray’ out now!

“Golden Trees” is part of my first complete album “Sunray” with 11 songs, which will be released now.

I composed “Golden Trees” already in 2001 and worked on it once more in the recording studio. The complete album “Sunray” is available on all major streaming-platforms like Spotify, iTunes, Amazon etc. Thank you to Pearls on Drops for her again wonderful backing vocals and her violin on the audio track. Thank you to Isabella Nolting for playing the violin in the video. And special thanks to Suzan Bachmann for being my constant inspiration.

Bert Fenber does not fullfil the common exspectations and clichés of a singer-songwriter. He is not one of the many coming and disappearing young musicians. The typical picture of a poprock singer with dark sunglasses is also not his style. Even more, with a PhD in American studiesand 20 years as a journalist for big German media,he rather is an exception. Born in the decade of the babyboomers in Darmstadt (Germany) he has already lived one life. Due to the job of his father, Bert Fenber, alias Bernd Rascheas his real name, had to move quite often from city to city in his younger age. He spent one year on an American High School in a small town in Southern Michigan. During this year the seed of music and of writing songs was implemented into his life for good. His guitar was part of the journey and he joined a local Afro-American rock band in which he was the only white musician. Even before the year in America he received a price on a German religious song-festival and was offered to be one of the performers on a record. Several trips to America in the 80ies and late 90ies to New York, Pennsylvania, California and Florida made him breathe again the American pop and rock culture. Visiting live concerts of Joe Jackson in Philadelphia and of Paul Simon in South Bend provided him with strong inspirations. Listening to only one radio station while driving the California State Route 1 from San Francisco to Los Angeles his passion for this kind of music was once more confirmed. During the years of his relationship with a French woman born in Asia, he partly lived in Paris and in Germany. It was this experience that made him take in the Parisian flair and learn the French language.

The sound of his songs has an Euro-American touch. Bert Fenber`s music shows clear structures and is based on classical instruments like guitar, bass, drums and keyboards. His voice comes over as an integral part of the melody-lines. The texts of his songs circle around love, society, failure and hope.Only late, along his normal professional life, he began to go into a recording studio of a friend in the German university town Münster and started to record his songs professionally. He recorded his tracks „Only Love“ and „Palms of God“ in the Starstreet Studio, just as all the others. „Lighter Life“ is his maxi-cd. „High Time”, one of the newer and recently produced songs, is his first song of protest: against the current situation in the world: poverty, climate change and politics. “Sounds of Berlin”-a hymn to the city of Berlin -and “Good Seeds” are among his newest songs. For each song he gathers some musicians to work on and record his music.Everybody who enjoys poprock based on strong emotions and onlife experience will feel at home with his sound.Bert Fenber’s songs functionfor any generation, they have a strong groove and a catchy melody-line.

Check out ‘Golden Trees‘ from Berts Album ‘Sunray‘ now being played all over the USA also check out Bert’s Website for all things Mr Fenber

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