Emir Ayar

My name is Emir Ayar.

I’m 16 years old and I’m from Turkey. I’m playing 6 instruments now and singing. My passion began when ı was 5 years old. I will go to college this year and I want to study Musical Technologies, I also have a little home studio. I like to harmonize vocals and make it sound like choirs. Now I’m posting cover videos every week on my Instagram. My voice is soft and I enjoy changing the songs a little bit, of course not in a disrespectfull way. I change it to my own music taste and people like it because it’s different. For example nobody’s voice like the weekend it may be similar but not the same why are you trying to be like weekend, who’ll listen your music when there is a master here. Thats my tought and I’m using this I’m being diffrent.

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