Bjorn Briel

Bjorn Briel is a Singer and Songwriter who brings a new feel to classic genres.
Bjorn now has 8 albums to his credit including a symphony that was composed for recent world events. He has played worldwide and has appeared on national radio and television including MTV and Craig Ferguson just to name a few. At the age of 18 his hit song “Make Me a Sandwich” earned him national recognition.
Bjorn’s songs are played around the world where he has received letters of gratitude from places as far as England and Africa and even a letter from the President of the United States for his song titled “We Stand Strong” commemorating the 9/11 tragedy.
Presently, Bjorn resides in Minneapolis and is currently recording his 9th and 10th albums as well as showcasing his incredible talents with his voice, piano, guitar and songwriting as a solo artist. Capable or performing in any venue, he has captivated audiences in the thousands as a solo performer and is a staple for singing the National Anthem for all the major professional sports teams.

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