Braty Bluzu – Blues Brothers

We are Myroslav Levytsky (Ukraine), Christopher P. McGuire (USA), Stephen Wrench(USA), Cas Weinbren (USA), See See Beats (USA) and Musik & Film (USA). 
We created the song “My Heart Goes Out To You Ukraine” to share this feeling with everyone on the planet. Without any expectations, but with a lot of hope and trust in the quality in the song, it was submitted and accepted for consideration for the 2023 GRAMMY AWARDS .

Who are we in a more biographic approach…
My name is Myroslav Levytsky (Braty Bluzu) and play keyboards, am composer, producer and I was born on January 26, 1963 in Ukraine.I started my professional career in 1985I Started the group Braty Bluzu together with my brother Oleg (saxophone) in 1992.
The first solo album “Session in Banff” was released in 2005 Since 2007, a member of the Austrian Composers and Musicians – “AKM” Our Musical style is rock fusion + jazz – rock + new – and + world music + ambient + art – rock. So we have not committed ourselves to one style only, but combine various movements.

For Concert Tours and festivals we went to Austria, Ukraine, USA, Canada, Hungary, Russian, Germany, France (“UNESCO” hall), Poland, Portugal, Spain… “Blues Brothers” (Braty Bluzu) -was the first group from Eastern Europe, which played on the “Main Stage” of the largest European rock festival “SZIGET” (1998) 1995 / 2000 – concerts on the occasion of the visit of US President Bill Clinton to Kyiv..

In 2021, Myroslav Levytsky, Braty Bluzu won the “Rising Star Awards” nomination from the Akademia music Awards (Los Angeles / USA) We have cooperations with several musicians and producers, like Iryna Ponarovska, Rens Newland, Sheila Jordan, Ani Lorak, Assiaa Ahhatt, Chris Jennings, Jeffrey Goldberg, Lionel Lodge, Magic Moreno, Max Norman, Tim Dolbear, Heikki Savolainen, Alan Flexa, Ivan Zora, Artur Glebocki , Maria Viana , Tamzie, Tony de Sousa, Kush Sax, Aury Santos and Lapa Monteiro, …

We are very grateful we get the chance to introduce ourselves here in the Bandstart Music Family and we hope that many people can enjoy listening to our music.

Discography: –
2000 – CD “BMG studios” Braty Bluzu / BMG – studio, GERMANY
2003 – 2xCDs “Vienna Woods / Rain?” Braty Bluzu & Music Without Borders project-: Jive music, AUSTRIA
2005 – CD “Session in Banff” Myroslav Levytsky – Banff Center for the Arts, Banff / CANADA
2007 – CD “One Autumn Concert (live)” Braty BLuzu – jazz & music club “Porgy & Bess” / AUSTRIA
2011 – CD “The City That Never Sleeps”,
/ Braty BLuzu Jive Music / AUSTRIA
2015 – CD “Elegant Dualism”
Myroslav Levytsky & Rens Newland Jive music / AUSTRIA
2017 – CD. “IN PIANO”
Myroslav Levytsky Advice music /ITALY
2022 – singe “My Heart Goes Out To You Ukraine”
Myroslav Levytsky (Ukraine) / Chris St. John (USA) / Stephen Wrench (USA) See See Beats / USA

My Heart Goes Out To You Ukraine (See See Beats Mix)

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