Save me from me – The Colorizers

My name is Susan Jane Rose and I am a 42 year old singer-songwriter from the Netherlands. In recent years, after the release of my debut album, I have written a collection of songs that I would like to release on a next album called “Inner Peace”. Unlike my first album, this will be a more intimate album. It contains English and instrumental songs of which I released the first single “Hold On” on YouTube last February 2, 2022

This album is characterized by a calming and meditative style and I can’t wait to start recording! I have already recorded all demo recordings myself in recent years and now I am ready for the final versions. This album is a collection of personal experiences that I have translated into music in nature and in my living room. The lyrics were created through improvisation. Now I would like to share this musical journey through important life events and fascinations with you as well. The album reflects a diversity of intimate songs from my heart. Some of them I’ve played live before and others have never been shared.

Many people have told me in recent years at intimate solo livingroom concerts, that my voice touches them deeply. It is my wish that I can record my new songs soon, so that the final result of this second album will eventually be accessible to everyone online via the streaming services.

Is social media controlling you or are you controlling it? Most people fill their emptiness with scrolling online, sharing all they have online and forget to live right here and now. What is the real internet? You might miss out on something magical when you believe you need to be
saved online.

“Save me from me” is a new song by the Colorizers  (Franklin Heilijgers on bass & singer Susan Jane Rose)

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