Lance Mitchell

For Immediate Release – Out Now!

Lance Mitchell and Wu-Tang Clan’s Killah Priest team up for new dance track “Litty”

Alaska-based electronic producer Lance Mitchell, is excited to share the new collaboration of himself and Killah Priest of Wu-Tang Clan. Litty explores a wide array of the energetic party life in Juneau, Alaska. The overall vibe of the track is something that Pop and Dance enthusiasts look to for a unique blend of both worlds.

With a powerhouse team running this track, it truly stands out with Killah’s catchy vocal melodies and Lance’s . Litty brings us back into the lively clubs, and also serves as a reminder that when the adult in us falls short of the world’s expectations of us, it might be time to send in that inner freedom and just enjoy life. Their music draws influence from EDM, Pop, and Hip Hop, and the energy they exude throughout the track is infectious; forcing you to sing and dance along.

Lance is no stranger to the music and entertainment scene, for he acted in a few commercials, but in 1993 “The Secret Life: Jeffrey Dahmer” was his big breakthrough and also his first role in a film. His love for music grew abundantly in Alaska that he recorded with artist Wolfpack and with many others. Lance frequently performed at many clubs in Juneau, Alaska until collaborating with Strange Paths.

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