– Outstanding Caitriona Smith From Tipperary, Ireland Joins Our Top Talent Music Family –

Caitriona’s BIO
I am a singer/songwriter from Southern Ireland, I am also a lady clay shooter, I love to shoot on my free time, (no birds just clays) 
 I am currently singing on different apps, (Smule & Star maker) 
 I love to sing song requests from followers and post them to my Facebook & Instagram account, I ended up on this funny journey because I found myself at home a lot, and I turned to music.
So you could say the pandemic pushed me to be, who I always wanted to be, professionally my background is Accountancy. 
But singing is definitely more fun! I would love to do it full time! 
I hail from a very musical family! Almost all of them sing and play professionally. 
I have a very talented family. 
I am the Second Youngest out of twelve, so my music influences growing up are Elvis, Irish Trad music, Dolly Parton & Billy Joel and George Micheal, Queen etc…
…and lots lots more!
I went to lots of gigs whilst growing up, always surrounded by musicians, my dad…who played many instruments, was a natural entertainer. 
I consider my voice my instrument, I am proud I finally found my voice & strength to share it.
It’s hard sticking yourself out there..
I always loved the piano, and I wanted to learn
to play, so I have started teaching myself during my spare time. 
Lastly I can be found singing on Smule session’s live at the weekends, it’s been fantastic for me meeting other musicians and I am loving the challenge of singing live! 
My absolute thanks and appreciation 

Check out Caitriona's fantastic  cover of 'Bleeding Love' auto playing for you now.

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