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Entropie Are Out Of This World Good

« Entropie » is a measure associated with disorder
and the four members of the Parisian suburban
pop-rock band of the same name have been
taming it for more than two years now.
Adam, Bertrand, Loan and Valentin’s inspirations
go from the big names of the Indie Rock scene
such as the Arctic Monkeys or The Strokes to pop,
trap or electronic music.
With their particular sound, they were able to
play all over Paris. From the Supersonic to The
Bus Palladium to a few suburban festivals, every
chance to play is an opportunity to connect with
their audience.
With their distinct personalities, each member
brings his own sound to the mix and together
they create the group’s universe. Entropie makes
us dance, dream and travel through space, the
jungle, the city, seasons and colors.

Meet The Band Members

Adam Leroy
Loan Julienne
Valentin Fourneau


While growing up in the Yvelines and spending
his middle school years with his three other
friends from Entropie, Adam becomes quickly
interested in playing the guitar.
His passion encourages him to try his hand at
musical composition, starting alongside the
creation of the band in 2012.
With a high school diploma in his pocket, he then
went on to study at the 3iS audiovisual school,
with one objective : to become a professional
sound engineer.
Now, with his degree in sound engineering and
mixing (either records or film soundtracks) he
brings his own sounds and effects from the
studio straight to the audience


From a very young age, Bertrand has been
immersed in music. At only 6 years old, he
mastered the drums, before learning the
guitar when he arrived in middle school.
While he received a jazz training at the
IMEP institute straight after middle school
and went on to become a music teacher,
rap is the genre that predominates his
A street style universe that he puts to the
benefit of his clothing style, the last pair
of Jordans on his feet. Now with a bass in
his hands, Bertrand brings discipline and
technique to Entropie


With a dancer as a mother and a musician
as a father, Loan naturally turned to music
as a child.
Very early on, he saw his path unfolding :
he wanted to become a drummer. To do so,
he took music classes at the famous Dante
Agostini school.
After high school, his determination did not
diminish as he began training in audiovisual
and musical production at the ISCPA school.
A learning that he connects to the band,
while ensuring the proper organization of
their projects

Singer, Guitarist

It is in his father’s mp3 player that Valentin
discovered music, from the classics of pop
to the secrets of rock.
He quickly became interested in singing,
songwriting and music composition at the
age of 14 and has not stopped since.
What he likes : telling stories. He draws his
inspiration from life, the radio, films and his
own imagination.
With poise and maturity, he reconciles his
graduate studies at the EDHEC school with
the band, of which he makes a priority.

Buy Entropie's EP Out Now Its Called 'The Dancing Plague'

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