– Producer & Artist ‘Ama Iziian’ From NY Brings Us The Special ‘Mislang’ –

With his presence in NYC as a songwriter/producer/musician and connected to the rise of a couple stars; AMA ( IZIIAN , a nod to one of his favorite Sy-Fy characters;
Lando Calrissian ) steps-out on his own and emerges as a real contender; Prepare to burn out your headphones/speakers

Laying out his Roxxstaa sound for the world to hear. Producing, writing and playing all the instruments – you get a rough beat knocking, hard guitar-driven, electro soulful sound from a front man with influence + superstar flow

“If this were a competitive sport; AMA would be Bruno Mars + Childish Gambino  vs  Travis Scott + Prince with Led Zeppelin as referee..” 

New York City Native; born & raised

*All songs/instruments produced, played, written & sung by AMA IZIIAN

Autoplaying Now For You Is Ama’s Brilliant Track ‘The Moment’

Ama Iziian Introduces Us The The Marvelous Mislang


-Met by chance introduction to each other through Instagram

-Have not yet been in the same room together – collaboration totally remote

-AMA is in New York City, NY and MISLANG resides in Los Angeles, California

-1st song together “ANYWAY (ily)” is also their 1st release together

-AMA took a rough vocal idea of the melody and lyrics and built the entire record
around it.. playing all the instruments and engineering the recordings

-MISLANG holds strong instincts about what she hears vocally … so much so that
all the way up to final approval of mix, she was still asking that one particular
word in her vocal performance be given particular attention

-Filipina-American, MISLANG has been singing since she was a child. She retells
how as a child – her singing brought adults to tears and was constantly told how
special her voice was. It confused her when she w,s little why or how people were
so affected by her

-MISLANG has only been recording for 3 years

-This is her first time working with a professional producer and the experience of
what making a record is like – has changed her entire perspective

-AMA, from the 1st listen of a dirty video clip she had on IG, knew this was going
to be something special

-2 more song collaborations are already heading into final version and mix

-AMA IZIIAN x MISLANG, speak frequently – lots of conversations about jokes and
life and whats happening with each other.. and yet still have not been in the same
location together

Please Check Out ‘Amazon‘, ‘Apple Music‘ and ‘Itunes‘ To Hear A Demo Of And Buy ‘Mislang’s’ Fantastic Release  Anyway (ily)

Check Out Ama’s Website And Follow Him On The Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Spotify, Twitter, Soundcloud and Bandcamp On The Social Media Icon Links Below…

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