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Stephens Bio
I was born on 26 August 1961, I was shown how to play the keyboards at 4 years old by my father. I started to get a gift to improvise on music I learnt, so I started to write my own songs. I could play Strauss waltzes by the time I was 9. I took a liking to music very much, but my local school refused to teach me the subject. I am a self taught musician.
I suffered with epilepsy most of my life, and was offered the operation to cut the damaged area of the brain out at 12 years old. Social services refused the operation so I had to wait 20 years on until I could find a surgeon to carry out the operation. I am epilepsy free now and help to support others in this situation, I run the local Epilepsy support group.
I used to run my own local store, but had to give that up when I moved from Halifax to Bradford.

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