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“California Girl Til I Die” – Pallavi Gadepalli-Ambatkar !

Hello, my name is Pallavi Gadepalli, and I have been singing all my life. My parents were heavy supporters of music, and thought that singing for young women was important. They encouraged me and my sister to sing in every competition in the area. I am an army brat, and moved with my dad every two years and lived on army bases all my life. Inspite of all the chaos that came with moving, classical music training was always a priority. Of course, like all asian families, academics was held in high esteem, too.
Two years ago, I decided that it was time now to start publishing my own take on my favorites as a child, and experiment with the fusion of north Indian Classical music with different genres. My main focus as an artist is to revive the ancient and beautiful sub-genre of ghazals, and introduce them to the later generations who haven’t had the opportunity to experience them.I am also dabbling a lot in spanish music and also creating fusion music with flamenco and indian music. Please share my music with others to show your support.

Here we have for you guys 2 of Pallavis recent Youtube uploads check her out she is amazing !

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