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Our Friend Muwanguzi Micheal’s  Jinja Community School For Kids Is A Very Special Thing

About Jinja Schools Band

One of the first community music projects we created was JINJA SCHOOLS BAND in Jinja district, Uganda.

We are a nonprofit music band and our aim is to offer free extracurricular music classes to all young people in the community while providing school fees through sponsorship and offering other educational, professional opportunities to fight against child labour.

Jinja Schools Band is a community projet wich is offering free extracurricular music classes to all young people in the community willing to participate. Through the project, 58 childrens are supported. The organisation helped them to pay the schools fees through sponsorship and provide them first with educational, and later professional opportunities while fighting against child labour.

The band used to perform concerts, play for wedding, schools parties and other performance. Most of the financial income was depending on those performance. Since the lockdown due to Covid-19, they couldn’t perform any concert and are since them struggling to survive. The little money they had on the side was used to feed the kids.

In Uganda, the school are opening again, as a lot of activity. Cultural activity are sadly still not allowed, and a lot of kids had them school’s fees depending on the Jinja Schools Band. Now, they can’t go to school, and have not enough to eat.

Please consider to donate. Even a few euro would be really helpfull, and could help to change the life of some talented kids.

The donation will help to support the cost for food, schools and healthcare. You can monitor the progress of the band through their website  and on their YouTube and Facebook Page’s

Here Is 3 Videos Of The Jinja School Band In Action

The guys have an active Go Fund Me Campaign in which we encourage anyone who can to help these lovely people reach their goal

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