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Bert Fenber is a Euro-American poprock Singer-Songwriter whos songs uplift you and make you feel great, Kirsty Leslie-Jones loves him and sings along to Bert everyday lol..

‘In his own words’ In the second half of life and therefore even better: Fenber Music. Singer-songwriter songs. Euro-American folk or poprock. The best part of life for the music of a singer-songwriter.

Featured video is Bert’s latest release ‘Rebel of Love’

Rebel of Love – when people have to overcome barriers and obstacles. When you are standing at crossroads and need to see the right way for yourself. It is a situation that happens so often. Make sure your You Tube player is set on HD. Thanks again to Michael Mau and his driving and rocking guitar, thanks to Pearls on Drops and her wonderful backing vocals. Thanks to my producer Jochen Hohmann and his studio, to Chris Schoppmann and his drone. Finally: thank you to Suzan Bachmann for taking a part in the video and for being there.

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  1. Bert’s music is from the heart and will relate to so many people , it is upbeat and so lovely to sing along too ❤️

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