Top Talent from Germany: The Honest and Impressive Rocking duo ‘ToMiK’ 5 Star!!

Honest and expressive rock: through playing with the genres ToMiK create their own, driving

ToMiK is Rock with German lyrics and influences from Pop, Alternative Rock, Newcore, Punk and Indie. The duo of Tom Spieß and Mike Pape celebrated their first successes with their EP “Geld oder Liebe” (2018) and singles like “Sturm am Horizont” (2020) and is now about to release their first album (2021).

Tom Spieß and Mike Pape form the rock duo from Halle (Saale), which since 2016 has been creating multi-layered rock songs inspired by different musical influences, which are rousing and thought-provoking. Their solid and creatively arranged songs, Tom Spieß on the guitar, the rhythm section and the bass guitar and Mike Pape on the vocals, cover the complete keyboard of emotions. The lyrics lend the songs an additional level of depth: honest and blunt, sometimes emotional, sometimes pragmatic, sometimes political and often socio-critical, often subtle, but also simply direct, without mincing words! In this way ToMiK create a harmonious mixture of their very own, authentic and driving rock sound paired with clever lyrics that leave a message.

The rock duo released their debut EP “Geld oder Liebe” in December 2018 with the title song “Schmutziges Geld”. Further singles followed in 2019/20 with “Sturm am Horizont”, “Rücken an der Wand” and “Der Weg”. Currently the band is working on their first album (release planned for mid 2021). A further single will be released by the end of 2020.

Press comments

“Honestly authentic, rolling rock, characterised by pushing guitar sounds and a driving rhythm section. … Here we encounter rocking beats and other genre-spanning influences of punk and indie, which definitely invite you to get moving. … The different musical influences, …, provide a skilful variety and make the rock music of ToMiK versatile and surprising. – Musiknah (Review EP “Geld oder Liebe” (Money or Love))

“The guys from Halle who don’t play typical German rock, but rather serve a genre we call the ToMiK genre! – BnC on Air (EP Review “Geld oder Liebe” (Money or Love)).


Mike Pape and Tom Spieß have been making music for many years. Besides some cover bands, both of them have developed their own repertoire over the years. In 2006, Tom and Mike first met in the band “Cell Test Dummies”, in which they played together for several years, until their musical paths initially separated in 2010. But not for long: ToMiK was created at the end of 2015 on Tom’s initiative to take off together with their own song ideas. First only starting as a studio project, ToMiK was officially founded in 2016 and has been on tour live with a changing line-up since 2018. The highlight so far was a performance at the SPH Music Masters 2019 in Leipzig, which was very well received by the audience and critics alike.


Jul 2018 Video – „Schmutziges Geld“ (Youtube)

Dec 2018 EP -„Geld oder Liebe“ (CD and digital)

Dec 2019 Single -„Der Rock ist tot“ (digital)

Feb 2020 Single -„Ich halt mich an Dir fest“ (digital) 

Apr 2020 Single -„Sturm am Horizont“ (digital)

May 2020 Single – „Rücken an der Wand“ (digital)

July 2020 Single – „Der Weg“ (digital)

Mid-2021 Album – release (planned)

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