Born in Recife Brazil now residing in a neighbour by Rotterdam, Netherlands meet ‘Tony Peddox

This one is of high emotional value to our music family, our featured artist of the day is the nephew of our webmaster Richard ‘Gandalf’ Davaux – The Incredible Jazz Musician  ‘Tony Peddox

  • Tony Peddox Started as a young trompet player he played with several artists on all kind of stages but this was not enough for him. He wanted to use more of his creativity and talents and Tony Peddox was born. ‘ I want to show I am more than just a musician..
  • Everything you see or here about me is created by my own hands.. the video’s, the songs, the lyrics, the instruments..’ Let Tony Peddox take you away from your daily routine and show you a world of creativity with influences off old school Jazz to the modern EDM industry packed in fresh video’s with sweet graphics!

Check out Tony Peddox amazing dutch copy of ‘Paris Walking’

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