The One Man Band – Mart Hillen

'Fingerstyle Master' Mart Hillen is on a 8 months' tour!

There are not many musicians who can make one guitar sound like an entire band. Mart Hillen is one of them: he plays the melody, the bassline and simultaneously drums on the body of his guitar.

Back in 2016 he created his first solo concert with the guidance of theater director Leoni Jansen, where he connects virtuoso guitar playing with personal stories. The combination of his way of guitar playing and his arrangements of songs from bands like Queen, U2 and Michael Jackson, creates a very accessible theater concert.

In 2016 Mart has won several music competitions: Rabo On Stage (a theatercompetition in the the Netherlands) and the Fingerstyle Academy Awards in Amsterdam, where he played with Tommy Emmanuel. “Well… I guess I can retire now” was Tommy’s reaction to his playing.

Some facts

Mart Hillen already performed on the largest Dutch Music festival ‘De Zwarte Cross’ – with over 200.000 visitors, he was played on the Dutch National Radio ‘3FM’ and performed with one of The Netherlands best female singer ‘Maan’. But the story did not stop for him: He is on a big tour through The Netherlands, performing at over 50 theaters. In the next couple of months we  will provide you with a link of the tour-dates!!

The Story of Mart Hillen - Where did it start

Mart went to a local music school  and learned the basic (theoretical) knowledge.

After the basics he learned & studied how to play the guitar in the classic way.

When he went to the secondary school, his  fellow students played in bands…he liked that and tried the Electric guitar…that plan died fast.  He was fascinated  by the ‘fingerstyle technique’. Especially a musical piece of Tommy Emmanuel grabbed his interest (Classical Gas).

Then he went to the Conservatory where he met with Leoni Jansen, she later became his coach and set him up with KIK Productions.

Please check out Mart’s Social Channels and website:

For bookings please visit KIK Productions

See Mart’s tour data & locations

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