– Kinnie Daley is taking it old school-

The Multi-talented creative that is Kinnie Daleyis back with an all-new album entitled Melodies Of A Nice Guy- OUT NOW on all streaming platforms


Working with a vast scope of producers, Kinnie has pulled out all the stops with a 10-track album which pays homage to his love for music. A keen story teller, Kinnie has spent years working on his craft and the result is a refined and tasteful sound. Not only is he a seasoned songwriter and rapper, he is also a keen producer; a skill in which he showcases on the album. Melodies Of A Nice Guy is a sincere showcase of Kinnie and his pure musical talent.

The carefully arranged track list immerses us into a voyage of lyrical storytelling. Each instrumental produced by the likes of Vice Beats, Kenny Black, Jay Creator, Lafawn, CorMill, J.F.L.O.W.S and Kinnie himself, hones a unique and honest sound; a nostalgic and soulful back-drop for the musical narrative of Kinnie Daley.


Hailing from Birmingham, Uk, Kinnie Daley is a Rapper, songwriter, producer and performing artist.  Kinnie has progressed in his music career over the years, having collaborated with a respectable repertoire of artists as part of the New Groove Collective Project #EasySundays.From then on, Kinnie has boasted an extensive backlog of musical achievements. Alongside Genius Collective, the Birmingham-based artist provided the opening performance for Speech Debelle– 2009 Mercury Prize Winner. 

Kinnie is no stranger to a collaboration, in 2019 he teamed up with fellow artist Phantom in a 4-part EP 4 play. This collaboration later saw the pair nominated for the 2020 Brum Emerging ‘Best Duo/Group’ and ‘Favourite Mixtape/Album’ awards. The EP was awarded ‘Favourite Mixtape/Album’- a notable achievement for both artists.


Kinnie continually records his #UnofficalRemix album series and anticipates future projects soon.


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