This Is Without A Shadow Of A Doubt One Of The Favourite Videos I Have Ever Recorded

Most People That Have Seen Them Will Tell You – The Big Sets Are The Best Band In Cornwall

The Big Sets consisting of 4 of the most talented individuals you will ever come across anywhere (all school friends from childhood)

Let me tell you how mind blowing this band is in a short bio i will write myself

I have never heard so many people say that 1 particular band is the best they have ever seen, (me being one of them) i mean its scary how good they are

I lived with cbone and his wonderful girlfriend for 18 months and during the same time i was Dr Funks cameraman and helper

Point being i saw first hand how amazing these guys are many times as trying to help cameraman

But can i just say this the guys NEVER practise together… like ever ! they just show up n smash it every time sometimes after months of playing together¬† and just smash it

Unmatched Potential

Band consists of these four gentleman (Upcoming Solo stars in their own right with side ventures)

CBone & Dr Funk

Smokey & Shakin Jake Landers

Here are some of the videos i made of The Big Sets 2019-2020 and 1 of them on The BBC

Follow The Big sets on Facebook and visit their website for merchandise and all things The big sets

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