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The incredible jazz musician ‘JONva’ joins our global music family !

JONva is an Artist, Humanitarian, Music Producer, Songwriter, and Musician based in the New
York area. Music has always been JONva’s life passion from the tender age of 3 years old. He’s
studied with jazz piano mentor, Alex Darqui, a protege of Herbie Hancock and bandmate of Jaco
Pastorius. He’s worked with greats like Ben E. King and an array of performers around the

JONva attributes his success to the mentors who enabled him to learn, grow, and develop his
musical skills and talents. JONva recently teamed up with New York native June Allison to
release on Spotify “Freedom” a melodic blend of feel-good vibes, bluesy chords, and R&B soul
wrapped in poetic truth.

JONva’s next upcoming project will be a transatlantic musical collaboration with an all-star cast
of talent from London, North America, Amsterdam to Shanghai. Bringing an array of Pop,
Dance, and Grooving vibe to the musical arena.

A graduate of Berklee College of Music, where he received both his bachelor’s and master’s
degrees in Music Production and Engineering, JONva enjoys giving back to humanity. He takes
pride in helping students from all parts of the globe to achieve their dreams and become the
next, upcoming generation of Superstars

Check out JONva’s track called ‘Maxium Effect‘ on Spotify and follow him on all social media icon links supplied below…

Couple of words from JONva himself!

By Marky 'MusicMan' Sparky

'Marky Sparky', An electrician of 20 years from Scotland turned music Promoter, Cameraman and builder of the Top Talent Promotions Music Family Network. His life mission is as clear as day and together with his unrivaled passion and drive he intends on dedicating the rest of his life to build and maintain all relationships between the music family members and make the most supportive and powerful network of musicians the world has ever seen which will help all involved. Spends 16 hours a day 6 days a week doing multiple music platform promotions such as on 'Spotify', 'Instagram', 'Youtube' and 'Patreon' etc

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