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The Quite Great Radio Show

For over twenty years Quite Great Music Promotions have been arranging interviews and airplay for bands of all sizes from monsters of rock to soul legends and artists just finding their feet in the world of music.

We are contacting radio stations across the world and much closer to home including digital, community, national and good old wonderful BBC local in order to help bands and talent from all across the globe to work with an honest pr agency who interact with their clients in a friendly , understanding and most of all , regular way including weekly reports , yes weekly reports.

So it was with great excitement we came up with the idea of joining forces with a renowned dj broadcaster and create our own show , and what a success story it has turned out to be , so if you are looking for a broad ranging music promotion campaign then send us your music once you have fully read how we work within the information on this site, if you think you need to discuss something more compact and we feel your music may fit our show , then get in touch as well and most of all read on….

As we are in an industry some perceive to be full of fake promises , fake spotify playlist agencies and opportunists, Quite Great PR Agency prides itself on its honesty, openness and delivering real coverage, which is why by being included on the Quite Great Radio Show you are GUARANTEEING you will have your music heard by thousands of music fans worldwide!

The Quite Great Radio Show is a weekly show syndicated around the world, allowing you to get your music on the radio heard from Manchester to Sydney; Ireland to California and Holland to Alaska…no, really!

You can be featured on the Quite Great Radio Show whether you’re a classical pianist, Afrobeat artist, extreme metal band or folk singer.

Played on over 180 stations worldwide (and counting!), including platforms such as the BBC World Service, Alexa, Spotify and Stitcher, we can get your music on the radio straight away and know that your campaign is off to a flying start!

The Star Radio Host Herslf Ms JJ Kane

Enjoy JJ’s Midweek Madness Show!

For All Things JJ Kane Check Out Her Website And Follow Her On Mixcloud, Facebook and Instagram

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