EDM artist ‘HALISCO’ from Los Angeles California joins Top Talent Music Family!

We welcome EDM Artist 'Halisco' into our Top Talent Promotions Music Family

“New to the EDM scene after a year of existential speculation from his home studio in Los Angeles, Halisco, the Producer/DJ, is striving to stir up the long-awaited parties of the 2021 summer with hard-hitting trap tracks, as well as groove-bending house singles as an independent artist. 

While growing up in New Jersey, Halisco was surrounded by the “Jersey Club” mixes of the early 2000’s, however he wanted to break free from the genre and begin exploring deeper electronic elements. Within his exploration he discovered artists like Diplo that changed the EDM world by marrying various Latin American cultures with the, at the time, current waves of music to bring moombahton to life in a very unique way. This inspired him.

Travelling is, and always has been, a major influence in Halisco’s life for many reasons, however, understanding the culture and values that other nations and communities garnish, and the histories of their music always stood out the greatest. With that, Halisco wishes to not only drive the EDM sound in exciting and experimentally new ways, but always stay true to the influences and other worldly genres that have brought him to where he is along the way.

When Halisco isn’t in his studio preparing for a set or producing a record, he most often works alongside acclaimed Grammy winning producer, writer, and publisher, Robert Cutarella, where they write silky tracks for upcoming pop artists. 

Halisco has been working gruesomely over the past year to develop his own unique sound and is incredibly stoked to have the opportunity to share with his peers over the next few months.”

Take a minute to follow Halisco on Instagram, Spotify, Soundcloud and Twitter for more!

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