In 2019, RT-Projekt  started as One-Man-Band from multi-instrumentalist and producer Rainer Thanner, who in the 80’s and 90’s worked as live- & studiomusician with many famous artists.

Thanner composes, plays all the instruments and writes the lyrics. Together with (hired) singers he finishes his songs….and this is how the Pop album “Cycle of twenty” (2020) was made.

In 2020 cooperation with song writer ‘Frank de Blijen’ started. Together they wrote  “Cycle of twentyone – the collaboration”, which was released this year. Again with top talented singers and the oustanding Mix & Mas from Uli Eisner.

The music of  RT-Projekt can be described as Pop with influences  from electric synthesizer &  Rock but always spiced up with a 80’s sound

RT Projekt• Rainer Thanner (1966), Essing, Composer & instrumentalist • Frank de Blijen (1967), Cremlingen, Lyrics• Voices Stephanie Bauer, Christina Kobl, Alexandra Eder, Matthias Pfaller, Stook, Oliver Kobl

Diskography Albums:

Cycle oft twenty (2020)

Cycle of twentyone – the collaboration (VÖ: 22.03.2021)


Children needs (2020)

The Gambler (2021)

Cleptomaniac (2021)

The Hunt (VÖ: 25.02.2021)

Please enjoy the incredible track ‘Sunshine Summertime’ and take a second to follow RT-Projekt on Facebook, Instagram, Spotify and Youtube on the Icon Links below…

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