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Meet Wal and Dion Mitchinson from Fleetwood, UK they are the beautiful Father and Son Karaoke duo

  • In their own words ;
  • Hi everyone we’re Wal and Dion – A father and son duo act from Fleetwood, UK.
  • We LOVE music and want to share our love with the world during a time when we need to pull together and share our passions.
  • Dion has always followed his dad’s singing career very closely and loves joining in when Wal is on stage but they have never sung as a duo until April 2020.
  • The coronavirus lockdown in the UK impacted a lot of people very hard and Wal and Dion both agreed that their love of music should be shared across the world, so felt it was time to combine their talents.
  • We created the Father and Son Karaoke Kings channel in April 2020, and have posted a new song every day since, for over 350 songs. You can check out our channels on either YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram.
  • Despite Dion having disabilities, it has never stopped him doing the things he wants to do in life and his ambition and passion has been an inspiration for children and adults alike. He is extremely grateful to all those he can inspire around the world.
  • Sharing our musical love with the world has helped overcome the daily struggles through the past year and we are so thankful our music has helped others overcome their own struggles. From all of u’s supporting Wal and Dion, welcome to our online family we cannot thank you enough!

Enjoy this amazing cover of Don Henley's band 'The Eagles' track 'Take it Easy' 10/10 !

  • If you don’t already please take a second to follow Wal & Dion on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube on the social icon links supplied below.
  • We are very much Team Father & Son and encourage everyone all all ages to check them out as we guarantee you they will mealt your heart the same way they have done ours and they will almost certainly have you singing along with them forsure.
12 thought on “Father and Son Karaoke Duo are Outstanding & Simply Magnificent to Watch!”
    1. Love father and son karaoke.keep going fellas love you so much

  1. Father and son you are both amazing I love listening to your singing keep up the good work and hope you both go further well done to you both

  2. The first time had heard of yous guys you two are brilliant I love all your songs

  3. Very good talent people I love what they do and think they should do a talent show like Britain got talent

  4. I think they have done an incredible job keeping people entertained during the pandemic. The love sure shows through. I love Dion, Wal and Debbie. The singing is so happy, it makes me happy. It sure brings back happy teen times for me. At 76 and a pandemic it is very soul lifting.

  5. Well done Dion, Wal and Debbie you bring a smile to my face every time you are singing and chatting. You kept me going throughout the lockdown and I will continue to follow you and watch your success grow.

  6. Awesome singers. They Rock it with every kind of music. Some of my friends are listening to them since I repost their music.I can’t even say which one of them sing better, they are both great.

  7. What a happy pair, being poorly in hospital is horrible but the 2 of you have cheered me up no end many thanks guys xx

  8. You Guys are really awesome. I enjoy all of your songs.Together you are the best that FB can offer.Keep them coming>…..Nikita

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