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We Welcome With Open Arms Into Our Music Family The Fabulous Luna Collins

Luna’s BIO

Grew up in San Francisco listening to the radio, but when The Beatles hit the Ed Sullivan show, I knew I wanted to do that! 

Moved to the UK at 17 and found myself in and out of pub bands, singing and playing keys with no great success, but loads of fun.

Back in the US, formed a band, writing, playing clubs. Now in my 60s In the UK, I look forward to sharing my music as far and wide as I can!

First single from an upcoming EP, Road Back Home reminds us of the need for play amidst the pressures of life.
Hope you enjoy this first offering, and stay tuned for the entire EP – released soon!
Music is Love


Lyrics To Luna’s Song ‘Road Back Home’ Auto playing Now!

So there aren’t enough hours in your day.

While you’re working so hard life’s slipping away. Oh!
The ends never meet, you can’t get ahead.
Always follow your dreams, you said.

Do you remember when you hoped the days would never end;
When you’re flying through the stars, and you’re feeling so free?

Oh, children, we have lost our way; children who forgot how to play.
Children, can we find the road back home.

Sound the alarm, begin the race.
Clock is ticking, gotta keep the pace!
We’re ever moving, ever faster, rushing headlong towards disaster.
Everyday’s a run in the wheel.
We’re numb by the end of it all. How do you feel?

Do you remember when days were filled with let’s pretend?
How could it have been so long since you felt so free?

We are children who have lost our way; children who forgot how to play.
Children, can we find the road back home.

Children, make a wish.
Open your heart, follow your bliss.
Ooh, now we’ll find the road back home.

Released August 1, 2021

On this original track, all voice and keys are by Luna, all guitars – including bass and lunata (mountain dulcimer) are played by Danny Beck.

Drums played by Dan Wiebe. Recorded, mixed, and produced by Danny Beck at Airtight Studios in Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Manchester. Mastered at Abbey Road Studios by Frank Arkwright.

Luna Is Special And We Guarentee You Will Hear Much More From Her Very Soon, Until Then Please Follow Our Friend Luna Collins On Spotify And Instagram.

Our Music Family Was Brought To Luna’s Attention By Our Ambassador For Los Angeles Our Friend Peter Foldy

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