– ‘Lovely Little Latin Lover’ by ‘Da Blues Man’ Christopher ‘CBone’ Hogg w Lyrics –

A small bio from CBone

‘In his own words’ Expect a full experience of styles and music through the ages when C Bone plays solo, involving highly recommended covers of Jazz, Blues, Latin, Swing and Soul, as early as the roaring 20’s, to his handwritten, homegrown, brand new, original music.

The video autoplaying for you now is an original from chris called ‘Lovely Little Latin Lover‘ performed live on camera for the 1st time back in 2019 at Pentire Newquay by his friend Alex Nascimento

Below that is a video is CBone covering the timeless classic by ‘Jimi Hendrix‘ & later by ‘Stevie Ray Vaughan‘ – ‘Little Wing’

A Photo Carousel Of CBone Through The Years

Sing Along Now

My Lovely Little Latin Lover You know what she means to me
I just can’t see me and another lover
Who fit so comfortably

Oh my, my, my
my, my mind
keeps tricking me all the time
all I know is that I, I, I
I wanna make that pretty girl mine

I will wait, I will wait,
I will wait until my day
I don’t want her to buy me nothing
I will work so hard to pay

I will pay, I will pay
I dont want her to spend her money
I will work so hard, I will try my best
To give her my time of day

She’s my lovely little latin lover
You know what she means to me
I just can’t see me and another lover
Who fit so comfortably

When she’s gone, when she’s gone
I can’t get her off my mind
All I think about’s those early morn’s
that I spend with her all the time

From Kazakhstan to Sunderland
I would follow her anywhere
I know what’s going on, she don’t depend on
The state of my affairs

She’s my lovely little latin lover
By now you know what she means to me
I like this sweet, sweet girl, who can rule my world
And she sees me for me.


released March 30, 2020
Christopher Hogg – C Bone
( Guitar, Bass, Vocals )
Gareth Young – Producer
(Piano, Drums)

Bonus Track - Little Wing - Enjoy

Take a second of your time to follow Chris and watch his career grow on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube on the social icon links below

This is a promise – if you enjoy this version of ‘Lovely Little Latin Lover’ just wait to you hear the ‘Cube Recording Studio Version‘ his debut single available on BandCamp

Finally a huge congratulations to Chris and his beautiful girlfriend ‘Rhiannon‘ on the recent birth of their gorgeous little boy Buddy Maxwell Hogg xx

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