Please have a look at our month of May summary

Today we would like to bring to you our May summary of all our music family members and partners, musicians, artists DJ’s and Bands alike which we have put together and built over the last 6 months by our founders ‘Kirsty Leslie-Jones‘ and – ‘Mark Laird‘ from Cornwall, England – ‘Craig Darroch‘ from Carluke, Scotland – ‘Frank van de Woord‘ and ‘Richard DaVaux‘ from Amsterdam, Netherlands.

This article is to give all you ladies and gents who havent yet aquainted in our family the chance to do so… We are a family right?

Our in House Record Label Compulse Records is very Proud and happy to announce that it has recently signed some of our Family Ambassadors- ‘Lance Mitchell‘ from Juneau, Alaska – ‘Theya LeRoy‘ from Falmouth, Cornwall – ‘Elia Berthoud‘ from Manhattan, New York – ‘Craig Snape‘ from Carluke, Scotland – ‘Jamie Felton‘ from Oxford, England.

Ambassador Family artists, yet to finalize their 1 song contract (in negotiation) and European Radio Promotion – ‘Coastal Tang‘ from Perth, WA – ‘Peter Foldy‘ from Los Angeles, California – ‘Kasey Yale‘ from San Diego, California – ‘Black Tar Roses‘ from Plymouth, England – ‘David Pastorius‘ from Melbourne, Florida – ‘Zinny‘ from Budapest, Hungary – ‘Simon Collins‘ from Dublin, Ireland – ‘Bjorn Briel‘ from Minnesota, Minneapolis – ‘Dominic Harmini‘ from Dallas, Texas – ‘Bradley Dickenson‘ from Cardiff, Wales – ‘Courtney-Jade‘ from South Africa.

Most of our other amazing Ambassadors in this list ……. ‘JJ Kane‘ from Manchester, England – ‘Wal & Dion Mitchinson‘ from Lancashire, England – ‘Sam Gilbert‘ from London, England – ‘Darren North‘ from Guildford, England – ‘Keith Dickenson‘ from Cardiff, Wales – ‘Antimo Verdi‘ from Barcelona, Spain – ‘Bruce Laird‘ from Glasgow, Scotland – ‘Craig Laird‘ from Fyfe, Scotland – ‘Teodor D Beznea‘ from Romania – ‘Ryan Redemption‘ from ThunderBay, Ontario – ‘Nick Scase‘ of The Terraplanes UK’ from Bristol, England – ‘Jeremy Hill‘ from Ohio, Cincinatti – ‘Dre Energy‘ from Las Vegas, Nevada – ‘Sonja Schmidt‘ from Stuttgart, Germany – ‘Bert Fenber‘ from Munster, Germany – ‘Jonny Rubin‘ from Newquay, Cornwall – ‘Joe Psalmist‘ from Barcelona, Catalan – ‘Damo King‘ from Crantock, Cornwall – ‘Benji Radach‘ from Petersburg, Alaska – ‘Ali Abrahim‘ from Jabbeke, Belguim – ‘Ashley Mason‘ from Coventry, England – ‘Abhinam Ghaley‘ from Kalimpong, India – ‘Mohammed Ali‘ from Teholia, Niger – ‘Richard Lindbom‘ from Kalma, Sweden

Some of the other Incredible Musicians we promote and are Top Talent Music Family Members -(5 honoury) – ‘Kirk Turnbull‘ (QFX) from Hayle, Scotland) – ‘Christopher Hogg‘ from Sunderland, England ‘Anthony Gomes‘ from St-Louis, Missouiri -‘Killah Priest‘ from New York and ‘Lee Ryan‘ from England – ‘Adams Traktor‘ from Seattle, Washington – ‘Jack McCann‘ from Luton, England – ‘Yasmin Anderson‘ from Newquay, Cornwall – ‘Kayka Filopowicz‘ from New York, New York -‘Faith Louise‘ from Essex, England – ‘Crombie & Pagnini‘ from Manchester, England – ‘DJ Shahrukh ‘ from Washington, D.C – ‘Cordless Bungee‘ from Worcester, England – ‘Red Iris‘ from Austin, Texas – ‘Archie Ray‘ from Hayle, Cornwall – ‘Louella-Jade Eke‘ from Penzance, Cornwall – ‘Zoe & Pete Zalick‘ from Liskeard, Cornwall – ‘Buster Crofton‘ from Bristol, England – ‘The Midnight Vandals‘ from Edinburgh, Scotland – ‘Erick Beau‘ from Canada – ‘James Dixon‘ from Bude, Cornwall – ‘Jayna Collins‘ from Falmouth, Cornwall – ‘Seaborn Band‘ from Newquay, Cornwall – ‘Momento‘ from Canada – ‘Mr Shingles‘ from Barcelona, Spain – ‘Dylan Jason‘ from Donegal, Ireland – ‘Jake Hanney‘ from Melbourne, Victoria – ‘Social Misfit‘ from Carluke, Scotland – ‘Eskobula‘ from Grenada, Spain – ‘Kassandra Levens‘ from Cote d’azur, French Riviera – ‘Jay Morgan‘ from Leeds, England – ‘Four Crooks‘ from Birmingham, England – ‘Silver Milliken‘ from California, USA – ‘Chanson Skurril‘ from Dusseldorf, Germany – ‘Pau Viguer Trio‘ from Valencia, Spain – ‘Callum Gardner‘ from London, England – ‘Caitriona Smith‘ from Dublin, Ireland – ‘Felons‘ from Wadebridge, Cornwall – ‘Real AB‘ from The Virgin Islands – ‘Alex Clowes‘ from Ipswich, England – ‘John Vaven‘ from New York, USA – ‘Ross Gilmour‘ from Overtown, Scotland –

Some Partners Top Talent Promotions has made recently – ‘Bandstart Studio‘ (Netherlands) A top level Studio functioning for more than 25 years now – ‘Bandstart Media‘ (Netherlands) run by our partners and friends ‘Frank van de Woord’ & Richard Davaux’ who is himself a server and works for many high level clients and has been in the music industry for 35 years – ‘Compulse Records‘ (Netherlands) The record label owned by our partner and friend ‘Frank van de Woord’ who once meeting for 5 minutes you see the genuine love and care he has for all his artists – ‘The Quite Great Radio Show‘ (UK) ran by our partner and friend ‘JJ Kane’ which aires in now 160 radio stations – ‘Music Crowns‘ (UK) The No1 Music Platform on all of Facebook and beyond founded by our friend and partner ‘Sam Gilbert’ – ‘Sub Factory Records‘ (UK) ran by our friend and partner ‘Steve Twin’ – ‘Newcomer Music Management‘ (Germany) which is Jochen’s Agency – ‘Rocketfuel‘ (UK) The no1 online crowd-funding organisation, partnered with Sam and his Music Crowns – ‘RTV Achter Hoek‘ (Netherlands) ran by our friend and partner ‘Gido Peulers’ another excellent webmaster and best friend to Richard -‘Bassment Sessions Drum & Bass‘ (UK) which is another one of Steve Twins music projects – ‘Bandstart TV‘ our weekly TV show coming soon (Netherlands/UK) – ‘Compulse Agency‘ (Netherlands) our partner Frank van de Woord’s Agency catering for Musicians, Dancers and Models alike – ‘Cinematic Industries‘ (Netherlands) the 2022 main project for the whole family, we recon this time next month our Partners will have trebled as we are in talks with so many different interested parties.

Other great artists we will continue to support at times in the hope of them one day ‘Joining our Music Promotions Family‘are listed in the next paragraph…

RT Projekt‘ – ‘Tomik‘ – ‘Zartbitter – ‘Ric Elvis‘ – ‘Daan Appleman‘ – ‘WOTE‘ – ‘Kyle Gormley‘ – ‘Calyco‘ – ‘Rosa Music‘ – ‘Roberto Escudero‘ – ‘Lennox‘ – ‘The Terraplanes LA‘ – ‘Keira Music‘ – ‘Sarah Wilson‘ – ‘Laird‘ – ‘Ruby‘ – ‘Barnes Twins‘ – ‘Mark Lacey‘ – ‘Janie Mitchell‘ – ‘Robyn Red‘ – ‘Zoe Cansdale‘ – ‘Lorena Tomat‘ – ‘Kate Babriel‘ – ‘James Plant‘ – ‘Neil Allen‘ – ‘Arthur Cunnington‘ – ‘Aaron Fyfe‘ – ‘Rory Ashcroft‘ – ‘Adrian & Emma Jean‘ – ‘Kirsty Belle‘ – ‘Jake Landers‘ – ‘Smokey‘ – ‘The Fabulous Red Diesel‘ – ‘Danio‘ – ‘The Coaltown Daisys‘ – ‘Wilma LA‘ – ‘Angela & Jason Gilmour‘ – ‘Shaun Spencer‘ -‘Harry Holmes‘ – ‘Riley Music‘ – ‘Local 518‘ – ‘Pat Travers Band‘ – ‘He Knows She Knows‘ – too many musicians we love to possibly add them all.

Some of the Facebook and Instagram Pages our promoters use their storylines to daily promote you are – ‘Top Talent Promotions‘ (Facebook Page) ‘SparkyFunk Music Promotions‘ (Facebook Page) ‘Cornwall Music Club‘(Facebook Page) ‘Lacey-Annie Music‘ (Facebook Page) ‘Ruby-Jean Music‘ (Facebook Page) – ‘Charlies Music Share‘ (Facebook Page) -‘Music by Lennox‘ (Facebook Page) – ‘Diamonds In The Rough‘ (Facebook Page) – ‘SFM Radio‘ (Facebook Page) ‘Music Will Cure The WoLRd‘ (Facebook Page) – ‘Rosa’s Ad’s‘ (Facebook Page) – ‘Cat’s Musicians Of Barcelona‘ (Facebook Page) – ‘Bruce’s Tunes‘ (Facebook Page) – ‘Cousin David’s Guitar World‘ (Facebook Page) – ‘Bandstart UK‘ (Facebook Page) ‘Sparky Promotions‘ (Instagram) – ‘Kirsty Promos‘ (Instagram) ‘Lacey Annie Music‘ (Instagram) ‘TTP – Bandstart‘ (Instagram) ‘Ruby Jean Music‘ (Instagram) ‘SFM Radio‘ (Instagram) ‘Rosa’s Ads‘ (Instagram) ‘Ruby Jean Music‘ (Facebook Group) – ‘Music Will Cure The WoLRd‘ (Facebook Group) – ‘Cornwall Music Club‘ (Facebook Group) – ‘Lacey Annie Music‘ (Facebook Group) – ‘Lex Carson Song Dedication Group‘ (Facebook Group) – ‘Top Talent Promotions‘ (Facebook Group) – ‘Cat & Chics Music‘ (Facebook Group) – ‘Music For Lennox‘ (Facebook Group) – ‘DJ World by Sparky‘ (Facebook Group) –

We are proud to have the World-Class Graphite Artist ‘Craig Darroch Art‘ on board, he is beautifully drawing each and every one of our family members, such a special thing he does for us, his website being built now by our world class webmaster Richard.

Future Projects—-from our ‘DJ World‘ which is going to be special especially at the weekends – to ‘My Page‘ Your own webpage inside our website, and soon to be an in house social media platform – to making ‘Wikipedias’ for our family members – Video podcast Interviews coming with each member becoming an episode if they wish on our ‘Bandstart TV‘ and ‘SFM Radio Station‘ from recruiting dancers for our record labels music videos to recruiting models for our in-house model agency ‘Compulse Agency‘ as mentioned above, look out for our soon to be advertised web management for artists page on our website coming soon (very high level) from us making you Playlists in our ‘Spotify‘ and ‘Youtube‘ channels, we have so much to offer, like we are currently making profiles in every social media and video sharing platforms in the world, even the platforms in the Chinese, Russian, and Spanish speaking markets to name a few.

Some of the other 50+ Social Media platforms currently being built are – ‘Twitter’ – ‘Tumbler’ – ‘Pintrest’ – ‘Flikr’ – ‘MeWe’ – ‘Bitchute’ – ‘Gab’ – Reddit – Snapchat – Triller – Periscope – Vimeo – Yubo – SkyRock – Houseparty – Caffeine – Brandnewtube – Steemit – LBRY – Baidu Tieba – Likee – 8tracks – Amikumu – aNobii – ASmallWorld – CouchSurfing – BAND – beBee – blind – diaspora – Fark – Whatsapp – Telegram – LinkedIn – Mix – Tagged – Devient Art – Quora – MeetUp – Reverbnation – Flixster – Goodreads – Twitch – CaringBridge – Wattpad – Viadeo – VK – LiveJournal – Classmates – Soundcloud – Bubbly – We Heart It – Influenster – FilmAffinity – Open Diary – Yelp – CollegeHumor – MocoSpace – Funny or Die – italki – Xing – MeetMe – Ravelry – Care2 – YY – Vero – Medium – Giphy – Tribe and more… clickable links will be added to all our profiles in these social medias in next months family super post!

Craig Snape‘ our friend and family ‘Ambassador‘ releases his new ‘Game‘ on the 27th May which we look very much forward to and together in 2022 we are going to produce a very special ‘guitar hero-type’ music orientated game featuring all our willing family members.

Feeling kind ? why dont you sponsor a Musician as a couple of amazing friends of ours already have? like ‘Andreas Diehlmann‘ and ‘Frank Fabry‘ being sponsored by the incredible ‘Sonja Schmidt‘ and ‘Blue Eyed Candy‘ and ‘Candyland Studios Newquay‘ being sponsored by and amazing ‘Michael Howe‘. We also have a ‘Patreon‘ if anyone would like to help support kirsty and myself in our for-life mission

Finally please recognise that we are building a Music Family hense our feeling that we are no rivals to anyone or any other company out there, please stay tuned remember to ‘Subscribe‘ to our newsletter to receive notifications for our 3 daily posts being strickly scheduled for 7.00am – 1.33pm & 7.00pm from today the 25th May onwards…

Full Music Family update for May 2021

Kindest of Regards ‘Sparky


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