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Our Latest Oppertunity for Artists, Musicians, Bands and DJ’s Alike   🌎

We are hosting professional bio type pages for artist’s in our family who are wanting to get extra attention or just have no website of their own.

How does this work ?

Actually it’s very simple and easy: 


  • provide a page for you under our url (


  • supply us with your picture, bio, contact details and a link to your desired music platform


  • place the provided data on your page, add share buttons

What are the costs ?

We provide this feature on a very friendly based price.

  • static page (for 1 year) £ 12
  • quarterly changed/edited page  (for 1 year) £ 20

How am I presented ?

We made an example just to show how it looks.

Can we close this deal?

It is yours to decide!

  1. Complete the below form with the requested data
  2. We will send a link for you to check the page
  3. We send you a paypal payment request
  4. We put the page live under the section on receipt of your payment


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