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We are proud to tell you that.....one of us is always nearby !

Because we work with Ambassadors!

A Top Talent Ambassador is a person in your own country (or even state) who is easy to connect with. He or she knows his/her way inside our Music Family. Whether it is about promotion of your songs, press related questions, questions about our record label, technical issues or even a collab between you and one of our other artists. The Ambassador has got the answer !

The Ambassador  (we think it is written with a capital “A”, because of their importance to our Family) is nearby and is willing to help you. He or she  is a skilled musician, technical wizzard, producer, but foremost a real person. Which company works with real persons that you actually can connect to? We do!

We have listed our Top Talent Ambassadors on a Country/State base, making it easy for you!

Our Ambassadors:

Are you  a gifted musician, producer or artist and feel that you can be a Top Talent Ambassador?  Adding value to the family in a country/state where there is no Ambassador yet? Are you a peoples person? Do you have passion for music and want to help others ? Just fill in the form. Mark is our authority when it comes to hiring and will answer your message directly.

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